The Official Debut of Nastina…

Kristina Childs has been a fixture in the Seattle electronic music community for years now. She’s been a DJ, promoter, and designer, known best for her work with Decibel, her impeccable Plasmodium podcast, and her now defunct techno monthly, Krakt. It’s been a safe bet that if Kristina’s involved, it’s gonna be a party. Now she’s taking a break from the techno and embracing her love of Top 40 in the form of Nastina, a ghetto fabulous and crunked up alter ego that’s been simmering beneath the surface of her usual everyday exterior. Up to this point, Nastina was the result of little planning, a lot of drinks, and a Serato folder full of electro house, Dirty South hip hop, and Baltimore club hits. A noticeable reaction from the crowd to a quick top 40 remix sending an otherwise conventional techno set out the window. I saw it all come together firsthand on Sunday afternoon at this year’s Photosynthesis festival. As soon as Nastina got her stride, a massive dance floor emerged, eating up every moment of the mainstream faire.

Nastina makes her official debut at the Showbox Market tonight, holding down the headlining slot at Bump 2010, a fundraiser for Gay City. Expect big hair, lots of skin, and gilded everything. With an aim “to put the theatrics back into DJ culture,” we’re getting a more flamboyant Childs than we’ve ever seen before. In addition to the party jams, we can expect a little vocal work, as well as some of her own tracks and remixes, including one entitled “Nastina’s Ice Cream Nail Job Remix,” a rework of a Dorrough track which, from everything I’ve heard so far, embodies her sound well, whompy bass lines, gangsta vocals, and fist pumping grooves that remind you not to take any of this too seriously. With more production in the works and a vision that extends beyond the one show, this won’t be the last we hear out of Nastina.

Check the party deets here.

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